Founded in 2014, Aloud was created with the idea to bring a fresh perspective to design and development for just about any type of business. Design studios might be a dime a dozen nowadays, but that only solidifies the reason to be so different and unique. With years of experience, a portfolio of a wide variety of notable clients, and most importantly, a true passion for what we do, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the design industry. From building better brands to providing updated looks and personalities to businesses all across the world, we take pride in knowing that we can connect with our clients, and connect with their customers to build relationships. Design and development can allow a business to grow further than they ever imagined, and we love being a part of that.

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Leon Baisden is a 3D Generalist & Motion Designer. As a young designer, Leon has managed to get years of experience under his belt within the industry, thanks to his passion and dedication for what he does. His talents have been used for projects with Nordstrom Rack, The BET Awards, and so much more, because he brings fresh ideas to a long-standing industry, Leon’s creativity is sought after greatly in this particular field of design. He brings digital concepts with unique design, in an effort to create something new and different every single time, with authenticity and passion.

Yana Plotnikova is the Operations Manager of Aloud Studios, focusing more on the corporate side of the business with a young, fresh approach. Standard business practices can start to feel stale relatively quickly, but at Aloud, Yana takes it to a new level, providing superior client relations to go along with the quality design work produced.  This service extends far beyond any kind of initial consultation and will stay with every single client until the job is done properly. Proper business relationships are always important, and Yana makes it a priority to strengthen them.


Strong brands have personalities just like people. Let us help you create yours, contact us to get started.


• Logos
• Web Design
• Presentations
• Marketing collaterals


We bring brands to life through creative solutions that are both effective and innovative – setting visual, verbal and experiential standards that drive entire experiences Take a look at our design lab, where we push boundaries with the latest technology.


• 3D Rendering
• Product Mockups


Keep your audience active with our eye catching design services.


• 3D Animation
• 2D Explainer Animation
• 3D Staging


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