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Who we are


Founded in 2014, Aloud was created with the idea to bring a fresh perspective to design and development for just about any type of business. Design studios might be a dime a dozen nowadays, but that only solidifies the reason to be so different and unique. With years of experience, a portfolio of a wide variety of notable clients, and most importantly, a true passion for what we do, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the design industry. From building better brands to providing updated looks and personalities to businesses all across the world, we take pride in knowing that we can connect with our clients, and connect with their customers to build relationships. Design and development can allow a business to grow further than they ever imagined, and we love being a part of that.

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Leon Baisden
Yana Plotnikova
We love creating
Visually appealing stories that bring your brand to life.
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We work with people who value their craft
as much as we value ours.

We’re proud to have collaborated with great brands.

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